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Simply create your own event (e.g. travel, project meeting or workshop) and easily share up-to-date information with your friends and colleagues.

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Keep track of your events with a separate EventHelpr user account. All the events you have created or in which you participate are clearly presented on one page.


With a detailed agenda all participants are always up-to-date. By the rating of entries it is possible to simplify group decisions or to prioritize entries.


Information about the different places of the event is displayed on the map. Beside the exact location including pictures it is also possible to show useful things like side events, restaurants and accommodations, stations as well as airports.

Makes the organization of events easier.

With EventHelpr it is possible to create events and share them via just one email. Participants of the event can view all details on one page and get the information they need.

EventHelpr is used at

Selection Arts
TU Graz
ConfWS 18
FH Kaernten
Uni Klagenfurt

If you have an event key, you can enter it here and reach the event directly.